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Our most commonly asked questions about installation of your Waterbox Aquarium

AIO Return Nozzle Installation

Please refer to the attached file, which illustrates how to properly install the nozzle and plumbing for usage. These are the same installation instructions provided in the manual you received with your new aquarium. Failure to properly install the n

Can I buy a Manifold or new Plumbing Kit?

Single and double manifolds are available for purchase. Plumbing kits are manufactured and packaged specifically for each system as one complete unit. Plumbing kits are not sold separately.  If you need a replacement part for existing Waterbox plumb

Dual-Manifold Installation

Waterbox Aquariums come with all the plumbing pre-glued for easy, quick installation. The dual manifold is an optional plumbing part included with the Frag, Reef, Peninsula and Reef LX models that will divert water to additional equipment like a medi

How do I adjust my cabinet hinges?

How to assemble the MESH AQUARIUM LID from Waterbox Aquariums®

How to install the rebound kit (door popper) on my cabinet?

When installing your rebound kit please be sure to have them face in direction shown below. Improper installation can result in mechanism failure and will not be covered under warranty.

How to use and maintain the Waterbox Aquariums® Magnetic Aquarium Glass Cleaners

How would I install an ATO on an ALL-IN-ONE (AIO) system?

Due to evaporation, the water level in the pump chamber of your AIO set up will fluctuate. If you have an auto top off, this is where you will want to place the ATO water level sensor for best performance. The ATO return line can be placed in the sam

Is the ATO chamber automated?

All of our sumps include a reservoir to hold RODI water for use with an auto top off system, however it is not automated.In order to use the top off reservoir, you must purchase a separate ATO system like the XP Aqua Duetto or XP Aqua Ultimate ATO th

Leveling Your Waterbox Cabinet

Plumbing Assembly How To

Take a look at this video our Waterbox Live Team made which covers:What is included in the standard Plumbing KitHow to lay out plumbingHow to install your plumbing

Should I put my aquarium on carpeted floors?

While you can set up your aquarium on carpeted floors, it is not recommended.Carpeted floors may not be solid or level underneath the carpet and after additional weight is added due to rock and water, leveling of your Waterbox may be difficult. The

Sump Filtration

Please check out the video below for a quick walkthrough of our sump filtration system.

Waterbox AI Hydra 32 HMS Single Arm Kit

We sell a modified mounting bracket made by AquaIllumination for Waterbox only that is compatible with our overflow box and plumbing. If you did not purchase HMS Arm kits from us directly and plan to mount a light in the center of your aquarium, you

Where can I get a lid for my Waterbox?

If you're concerned about jumping fish or kids/pets getting in the tank we do manufacture lids for our AIO models and a DIY option as well. We will have lids available for our larger models with overflow boxes soon.Here is a list of lid manufacture

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