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Dual-Manifold InstallationUpdated 2 years ago

Waterbox Aquariums come with all the plumbing pre-glued for easy, quick installation. The dual manifold is an optional plumbing part included with the Frag, Reef, Peninsula and Reef LX models that will divert water to additional equipment like a media reactor or UV sterilizer. There is a small black o-ring that goes in between the manifold and return fitting but we still recommend to use Teflon tape with Teflon paste to get a good seal on the threads. We suggest to wrap the Teflon tape around the fitting 2 - 3 times going the same direction as the threads and then apply a small amount of Teflon paste on top of the tape. When you hand tighten the manifold in to the return fitting any gaps in the tape will be filled by the paste, sealing it up and preventing any leaks. You can also try with just Teflon tape but the tape/paste combo works great so recommend that if possible.

If you decide you want to build a custom manifold, here is a great video on that.

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