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General Waterbox Product Information

General Waterbox information from our FAQ's

AI Nero and Ecotech Powerhead Max Glass Thickness

Alright, you're ready to choose a powerhead - but which one? Both the AI Nero and Ecotech MP powerheads are fully controllable and will provide excellent flow in your aquarium, but need to stay within the glass thickness rating to make sure they wi

Additional Reef LX cabinet / plumbing info.

Additional Reef LX Cabinet / Plumbing InfoAn ISO standard M8 screw/nut is used on the cabinet leveling feet.We use industrial heavy duty aluminum profile with two layers of coating on the surface. The four-corner columns use 30/60mm and the others us

Are Waterbox cabinets waterproof?

Waterbox cabinets are water resistant, but not waterproof.The cabinets for the Cube, AIO, Marine & Clear models are water resistant laminated plywood.The cabinets for the Frag, Reef and Peninsula series are water resistant UV coated plywood. Waterbox

Converting Metric to US Standard Plumbing

As an internationally distributed brand, Waterbox Aquariums plumbing is manufactured in metric sizes. If you need to make adaptations to your plumbing to fit standard plumbing sizes, here are the conversions.DN20 - 25mm. to 3/4"DN25 - 32mm. to 1"DN32

Ecotech Radion Lighting Guide

Not sure on which Radion to light up your new Waterbox aquarium? Be sure to check out this link for more info to help you choose which is best for you!

How do I register my Waterbox and where do I find the serial number?

Your Waterbox has it's own unique serial number located on a silver sticker in your overflow chamber. This sticker is non-removable adhesive and is perfectly safe to keep on the system while in use. As of August 2020, Waterbox Cabinets will also hav

How do I submit a claim for a damaged or defective product?

Please follow these instructions upon receiving your new aquarium. All defects/damages must be reported within 24 hours of receiving the item(s) or your claim will be rejected. All damage to the shipment (includes crate, boxes, pallet etc) must be

MESH vs FELT Filter Socks

Mesh is not as fine as felt. It will capture the larger particles and won't clog as easily. Felt has varying micron sizes. A smaller number of micron, indicates tighter holes,. For example, a 100 Micron sock has smaller holes than a 225 Micron sock.

Marine X vs. Frag / Reef

Here are a few key differences between the MARINE X and REEF series.1 - The REEF models are 4" wider (front to back) than the Marine X. 2 - The overflow box in the REEF models are all glass vs. the Marine X that uses a removable plastic weir on the

Reef vs. Reef LX

Here are a few differences between the Reef and Reef LX models:1 - The Reef LX 270.6 and 320.7 use double 15mm. bottom panel construction for added strength.2 - The Reef LX 270.6 and 320.7 will also have larger overflow boxes and 2 main adjustable ma

Standard AIO / Clear aquarium vs. Peninsula AIO / Clear aquarium

The standard version AIO/Clear will be placed with the back against a wall like a traditional orientation of an aquarium. The AIO/Clear Peninsula version will have the short side against a wall as a three-sided walk around / room divider-style set u

Waterbox Cabinet Info

Cabinets that pair with following ranges ship flat packed and will require assembly upon delivery: CUBEAIOMARINE XFRAGREEFPENINSULA CLEAR Please reference the links below for our online manuals.UV CabinetsPW & PWD cabinetsCabinets that pair with foll

What does AIO mean?

What does AIO mean?AIO or All-In-One refers to an aquarium that contains all filtration chambers in one system. That means the baffles, overflow, and return chambers are all integrated into the aquarium instead of being separated into an external sum

What kind of glass does Waterbox use? Can the glass be drilled?

Waterbox Aquariums are constructed of licensed Starphire Glass.  Starphire is the ultimate in ultra-clear, low iron glass technology.  The glass is non-tempered, which means you can drill this glass, but please be advised that doing so will void the

Where can I find Technical Specifications?

You can view Technical Specs here.

White Cabinetry Featuring Black Interior

All current versions of our white UV-Coated cabinets (pairs with FRAG, REEF, PENINSULA & CLEAR PRO models) have black interior panels and white exterior panels.The top panel of the cabinet will also be black, as this is fully covered by the aquarium

Technical Specifications for all aquarium systems

Technical specifications can be found at the bottom of each product page as seen below.

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