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How do I submit a claim for a damaged or defective product?Updated 2 years ago

Please follow these instructions upon receiving your new aquarium.

  1. All defects/damages must be reported within 24 hours of receiving the item(s) or your claim will be rejected.
  2. All damage to the shipment (includes crate, boxes, pallet etc) must be noted on the Bill Of Lading upon delivery.
  3. Carefully open the crate, take extra precaution not to scratch the tank with the nails holding the crate together. Fully inspect the aquarium for cracks, chips or scratches.
  4. Carefully unbox the cabinet and parts to make sure everything is included and in good condition.
  5. Waterbox will NOT honor damage or defective claims once the product has been assembled and the aquarium has been placed on a cabinet and taken off the original pallet base.
  6. After a full inspection you can now begin assembly.

NOTE: When carrying your aquarium make sure to remove all jewelry or metal that could scratch your new aquarium. Make sure to have 3-4 people available to help when installing our larger tanks.

If the aquarium is placed on anything other than a Waterbox Cabinet, the warranty is void.

If you are missing parts or find any damages upon inspection, please submit a claim form for replacement at https://www.waterboxaquariums.com/claim/.

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