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Reef vs. Reef LXUpdated 2 years ago

Here are a few differences between the Reef and Reef LX models:

1 - The Reef LX 270.6 and 320.7 use double 15mm. bottom panel construction for added strength.

2 - The Reef LX 270.6 and 320.7 will also have larger overflow boxes and 2 main adjustable main drains instead of one.

3 - The Reef LX models are 29.5" wide (front to back) vs. the Reef are 23.6" wide or 25.3" wide

4 - The Reef LX cabinets are full aluminum frame with composite water proof panels vs. the Reef that utilizes a UV coated solid plywood cabinet.

5 - The Reef LX will include a built in control center to organize and protect all your controller components.

6 - The Reef LX will have an optional standard 1" slip union to hard pipe the return pump.

Here are the links to both technical specification pages for more info.



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