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Uncrating and Inspecting Your Waterbox at DeliveryUpdated 2 years ago

Your Waterbox Aquarium has just arrived!  Here's what you need to know about receiving and uncrating the aquarium successfully.

Inspecting for Damages Upon Delivery

While the delivery company is there you will want to inspect for external damage like torn areas, damaged edges or holes in the cardboard / aquarium crate. It is very important that any damages found are noted on the delivery paperwork.

Inspecting for Damages After Delivery

Once the delivery is complete and driver has left, open the aquarium crate and inspect for any internal damages within 24 hours, such as shattered or chipped glass. If you discover any damage, please fill out a Claim here and await a response from our Claims Department. To ensure the fastest possible response, please only submit one email, call, chat, etc.

When should I refuse delivery?


Delivery should only be refused when all parts of the shipment shows irreparable damage; such as shattered glass.

Torn cardboard, a damaged pallet or crate does not constitute refusal of delivery.

Shipments that are unnecessarily refused on delivery will be send back to our warehouse and processed as a return.

What if I miss the delivery?

If you miss your appointment and the freight carrier has to redeliver your shipment you will be charged a Redelivery Fee. It is important that you are there to receive the shipment on the scheduled day.

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