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Filter Sock Care & MaintenanceUpdated 2 years ago

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding filter sock care and maintenance. 

How often should I clean my filter socks?

Generally, you will want to clean your filter socks about once a week. This will depend on how quickly they begin to clog due to waste, excess food, etc. so it will be different for every aquarium. Your filter socks can last you several months when washed, they are not intended to be single-use. 

How do I clean the filter socks?

You can wash your dirty filter socks by hand under hot running water (no soap) but for a deeper clean we recommend to spray outdoors with a high pressure hose to remove as much build up as possible and then run them through the washing machine on a heavy duty / hot water cycle with a little bleach. (no detergent) 

Can I use bleach on my filter socks?

Yes, you can add a small amount of bleach for added cleanliness but be sure to let them go through an additional rinse cycle before using or rinse out in a bucket with some dechlorinator to remove any residual chlorine.

When should I get new filter socks?

You can continue to reuse filter socks until the fiber of the filter sock begins to loosen and stops catching regular dirt and debris.

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