What do I do if my pump or lights stop working?

Waterbox does not manufacture the equipment sold on our site. Waterbox only manufactures and ships Waterbox branded items. For customer service or technical support on any third-party product such as Aqua Illumination, EcoTech Marine, NYOS, XP Aqua or Sicce, please contact the manufacturer directly.

Waterbox does provide Customer Service and Technical Support for pumps included with the CUBE 10 & CUBE 20 models. Please send an email to support@waterboxaquariums.com if you are in need of assistance with your pump.

For all other inquiries or Support relating to return pumps or equipment, please see our partners' contact information below.

Ecotech Marine - www.ecotechmarine.com

Aqua Illumination - www.aquaillumination.com

Sicce USA - https://us.sicce.com/

XP Aqua - http://www.xpaqua.com/

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