Uncrating and Inspecting Your Waterbox at Delivery

YAY! Your Waterbox Aquarium has just arrived! Here's what you need to know about receiving and uncrating the aquarium.


Inspecting for Damages Upon Delivery

Upon receiving your Waterbox Aquarium, please immediately and carefully inspect your delivery for any shipping damages that could have occurred in-transit. 

Inspect for external damage first; torn areas, damaged edges or holes in the cardboard or aquarium crate. Please also open the top of the aquarium crate and inspect for internal damages, such as shattered or chipped glass. 

If damages are found, please take photos and note any and all issues on the delivery paperwork, and accept the delivery.

When should I refuse delivery?

Do not refused delivery, please mark the delivery paperwork with any damages and accept the shipment. Take photos of any damages and submit them to our Claims Department for replacement at www.waterboxaquariums.com/claim/.

Delivery should only be refused when ALL parts of the shipment are completely damaged (display glass, sump and cabinet) show irreparable damage; such as shattered glass.

If you miss your appointment and the freight carrier has to redeliver your shipment, you will be charged a redelivery fee.

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