AI Nero and Ecotech MP powerhead max glass thickness

Updated 11 months ago by Chris

Alright, you're ready for some serious flow in your water box and need to choose some power heads. Both the AI Nero and Ecotech MP powerheads are fully controllable and will provide excellent flow in your tank but need to stay within the glass thickness rating to make sure they will stay in place and operate properly.

Ecotech MP10 Max Glass Thickness: 3/8′′ (9.5mm) 

Ecotech MP40 Max Glass Thickness Range:  3/4′′ (19mm) 

Ecotech MP60 Max Glass Thickness:  1′′ (26mm)

AI Nero 3 Max Glass Thickness 1/2" (13 mm)

AI Nero 5 Max Glass Thickness 5/8 in" (16 mm)

You can find all of our models glass thickness info in our tech specs section here.

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