Marine X vs. Frag / Reef

Updated 3 months ago by Chris

Here are a few key differences between the MARINE X and FRAG/REEF series.

1 - The Frag/Reef models are 4" wider (front to back) than the Marine X. All Frag models are 16.1" tall.

2 - The overflow box in the Frag/Reef models are all glass vs. the Marine X that uses a removable plastic weir on the top.

3 - The Frag/Reef models use a UV coated plywood cabinet vs. the Marine X that uses a laminated plywood cabinet.

4 - The Frag/Reef models will use the AI Hydra 32 or Ecotech Radion XR15 lighting in there +Plus/XR lighting bundles vs. the Marine X that uses the AI Prime lighting.

5 - The Frag/Reef sump has a tiered filter sock section and option to add manifold to return plumbing that the Marine X does not.

Here are links to the technical specifications for Marine X, Frag and Reef models for more info.

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