Hinge troubleshooting

What to do if the hinge comes out?

The hinge can be reinserted with wood glue. Be sure to let it dry/cure before reattaching the door. If the hinge and screws pulled out of the cabinet, it is likely that the hinge was too tightly adjusted.

If you need a new hinge or screw inserts we can send replacements for that, as well. Just send us an email to support@waterboxaquariums.com with your name, model number, and proof of purchase.


2018 Pro and Peninsula Hinges

If you have purchased a Pro or Peninsula system from an Authorized Waterbox Dealer, you may have a 2018 model cabinet. In these cabinets, the manual includes two types of hinges as seen below.

NOTE: If you purchased from waterboxaquariums.com, your system will NOT have these two hinges and instead have one type of hinge. Please disregard.


The taller hinges (C1003) go on all exterior doors and the shorter hinges (C1002) are for interior wall mounted doors. Below is a reference photo that shows the placement of the two types of hinges on these cabinets.

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